At the moment 10 rooms (two-bed and three-bed) in five guest houses are offered to tourists. In summer 2004, Gornja Lastva had 60 nights in private accommodation. All of them were foreign guests coming from France. In the Tourism Master Plan, prepared for the Ministry of Tourism of Montenegro by the German [...]

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Workshop ENVIRONMENT – ART OF LIVINGThe workshop was a part of Cetinje Biennale and was held at Gornja Lastva from 17th – 25th September 2002 under the auspices of Prince Nikola Petrović. Apart from the Prince, other participants were: Luis Boada, expert for environmental protection, BarcelonaZorko Ira, architect, LjubljanaMunju Ravindra, expert for [...]

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Healthy Food Markets

With the purpose of promoting organic food production, healthy food markets were launched during the year 2006. The producers from Bar, Luštica Peninsula, Grbalj, Tivat and Gornja Lastva displayed and sold their products on the markets. Read more […]

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About Us

Wishing for preservation of traditional values and way of life, protection and restoration of cultural heritage, the inhabitants of Gornja Lastva got organized in 1975 into the Association of Friends of Gornja Lastva, which in 1991 was renamed to Cultural Heritage Association “Napredak” Gornja Lastva. “Napredak” is a nongovernmental organization founded for [...]

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Pomegranate, in Latin Punica granatum (Punicacae). Pomegranate grows all over Europe and in parts of Asia with predominantly moderate climate. It grows to a thorny shrub, up to two meters in height. It blooms in June and July, with orange flowers of pleasant smell, and its fruits are berries of rounded shape, [...]

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Cultural historyInhabitants of Lastva paid great attention to culture and education. Thus, at one point, a culture and education association with a tamburitza band and a drama group was active in the village (established in 1919). Elementary school was founded in 1845. One of the most successful amateur photo and film clubs [...]

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