The workshop was a part of Cetinje Biennale and was held at Gornja Lastva from 17th – 25th September 2002 under the auspices of Prince Nikola Petrović. Apart from the Prince, other participants were:
Luis Boada, expert for environmental protection, Barcelona
Zorko Ira, architect, Ljubljana
Munju Ravindra, expert for environmental protection, Canada
Zoe Castoriadis, architect, Paris-Greece
Laurence Fevile, architect, Paris
Francois Edouard, architect, Paris
Eric Starcevic, architect, Paris
Borut Juvanec, architect – Professor at the University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana

Architecture students’ workshop 2003
Architecture students’ workshop 2004

Students’ workshop
The workshop of students of architecture, held from 6th to 20th September 2003 and from 7th to 23rd April 2004, dealt with traditional architecture and the traditional way of life in Gornja Lastva and searched for solutions of its renewal. The workshop was organized by the University of Architecture from Valde Seine from Paris, “Cetinje Biennale” and “Napredak”. The workshop was lead by Professor Laurence Feveile and Montenegrin Prince, Nicola Petrovic Njegos, architect from Paris. The agreement to continue this collaboration was made by all the participating organizations and partners.

Exhibition and lecture in Paris

Results of the work done in students’ workshops and those achieved by the NGO Napredak, particularly regarding the field of architecture and eco-tourism, were presented at the exhibition held in Paris in the gallery of Valde Seine school from 22 – 26 November 2004. The exhibition was opened by the introductory lecture where the speakers were Prince Nikola Petrović Njegoš, Professors Laureance Feveile and Jean Claude Croize and Marija Nikolic, Napredak Gornja Lastva.