Cultural history

Inhabitants of Lastva paid great attention to culture and education. Thus, at one point, a culture and education association with a tamburitza band and a drama group was active in the village (established in 1919). Elementary school was founded in 1845.

One of the most successful amateur photo and film clubs “Mladost” was active in Gornja Lastva until 1980.

Cultural Heritage Association “Napredak” was established in 1991 uniting and continuing the activities of several cultural and other associations that used to be active in different periods in Gornja Lastva.

Cultural events

Lastovska fešta, cultural and entertainment event called “Lastovska fešta” has traditionally been taking place on the first Saturday of August for 28 years now. The program includes the dance of Bokelian Navy, concert of the Association for Music Education from Tivat, exhibitions of artifacts from the past of Gornja Lastva, etc.

An Evening in the Mill gathers choirs in front of the olive mill. Dring this event, exhibitions of the inhabitants of Gornja Lastva who are professional or amateur artists are regularly organized.

Harmony-singing choirs (“klape”) that took part in this event:

‘Alikime’ – Kotor
‘Bisernice Boke’ – Kotor
‘Bokeški mornari’ – Kotor
‘Karampana – Kotor
‘Jadran’ – Tivat
‘Assa Voce’ – Podgorica
‘Sveti Roko’ – Donja Lastva
‘Luka Ploče’ – Ploče, Croatia
‘Nava’ Dubrovnik – Croatia

Artistic colony – organized in cooperation with the Association of Artists of Tivat.

Exhibitions. By now several exhibitions have been organized about the past of Gornja Lastva which, despite being prepared in an amateur way, served as testimonies of cultural life and education. They are valuable contribution to development of awareness of young generations about the former life and cultural identity of the place. Among the most significant ones were the exhibitions dedicated to

– 154th anniversary of the establishment of the school at Gornja Lastva
– 80th anniversary of the establishment of Croatian Tamburitza Association
– Inhabitants of Gornja Lastva in the Bokelian Navy
– Seals of Gornja Lastva
– Local Government of Gornja Lastva

Classical music concerts. Classical music concerts take place in a very beautiful and acoustic ambience of the parish church of Sveta Marija, especially in summertime.

Publishing. In summer 2002 we published a re-print of collected works of Don Ivo Stjepčević, (born in ….. in Gornja Lastva, died in ….. in Kotor). It was done in cooperation with the publishing agency of Gospa od Škrpjela and with the financial support of the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Croatia.